A zine about the ways we live in and play with our bodies in the summertime

Published on 17 July 2017


I co-edited a zine with Effy Blanchard in the summer of 2017 at the end of my study abroad year in Montreal. It features poems, short stories, drawings and photography from our friends and family. It is a very nostalgic document to me, reminding me of the beautiful time I had there and all the learnings I learnt and friends I made.

The zine is available for free at There are even instructions how to print and bind your own copy.

Something special seems to happen to our bodies each time our floating blue dot of a home tilts us closer to that floating yellow dot in the sky. More skin rubs against the world. Toes tuck under soil. We get caught in the rain and start not minding it. Love presents itself in different hats. I plan on doing a handstand today.This is our little ode to the sun and to all the bubbling bodies under it, made up of the artworks of our loved ones to celebrate, give thanks, and make art - because heck, the world is great.